angel baby

welcome to my website
apologies for the darkness
I have sensitive eyes

5/30/2024 ♡ I have restored the gallery and comic. thank you for your patience.

4/11/2024 ♡ website is undergoing many changes. I've been slowly adding my art from 2021 onward to the gallery. I've also uploaded a 25 page preview of my comic which you can view here: XXX.

3/24/2024 ♡ it's been nearly a year oh no. good thing an update is coming very soon.

4/20/2023 ♡ happy 4/20. working on an update behind the scenes. see u soon.

1/4/2023 ♡ happy new year. my resolution is to work more consistently on my website woooo

3/11/2022 ♡ major overhaul under process, entering v3.0

5/1/2021 ♡ added a new journal entry, updated about section

1/11/2021 ♡ added 18 new dreams, and a new journal entry.

9/27/2020 ♡ NEW WEBSITE LAYOUT!!! 2.0 BABY!!!

9/18/2020 ♡ added journal entry: xxx

7/8/2020 ♡ added page for dreams: xxx and a new journal entry.

7/7/2020 ♡ added comic pages: godborn one-offs and miscellaneous comics

7/1/2020 ♡ added journal entry: xxx

6/28/2020 ♡ added following pages: STORIES [godborn, nekofication], ABOUT

6/26/2020 ♡ WEBSITE WAS CREATED!!!